About Us

Wulum creates Apps in two different categories that merge to create a unique learning experience : Educational and Entertainment Apps or as we like to say Edutainment

The Educational Apps encourage the learning process while playing the game. We believe technology should be used as a tool for learning. At Wulum we are true believers that the best way to learn is by playing and we love to create solutions that we as parents want our children to have.

Wulum’s first two Educational Apps have been available for a few years

Chopi (an adventure to discover the first numbers)

Circuland (a read-along story with interactive content)

Both games were designed for children before or during the start of formal education. Perfect for kids in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.

The Entertainment Apps are for user’s of all ages. This is the kind of game that you use to relax while trying to find the best solution for a challenge, stay entertained or to pass the time.

Our Team

Meet the minds behind Wulum.


Tony Muñoz

Head of Dev Team - Founder

Tony has more than 10 years of experience developing application solutions for large companies.

With a passion for using accessible technology to help children learn and create Tony founded Wulum Creative in 2014. Focused on Apps and Games that make learning fun and memorable.

Education + Entertainment + Edutainment


Dario Carnelutti

Project Manager

After receiving a “coding” book from his father in the early 90’s Dario was hooked and has been coding since. Working with this passion he has developed a career from Jr. Developer to Software Architect and more recently as Chief Operations Officer on a Startup for Groceries Online.

With a healthy interest in “nerd culture” and gaming it was a natural step to  develop games.


Angel Labori

Graphic Lead

With more than 7 years of experience developing his 3D creative skills, he continues to design for the future.

For Angel, art is beyond a passion. His works have have been showcased in Art Galleries, taught art seminars, has designed images for international corporation and created book covers.